Stellar Rose are Barri and ChibiTifa. They were selected at Anime Expo Lite 2021 with their sensational costumes and video performance as Utena Tenjo and Anthy Himemiya from Revolutionary Girl Utena. They will move forward to become the first WCS USA Video Finals Team for the first edition of the World Cosplay Championship – Video Division. In 2022 they will travel to Japan as WCS USA Alumni to experience another side of the World Cosplay Summit!


Team 2022 was selected at Anime Expo 2019, where they qualified in beautiful costumes of King Yasha and Ashura from Tsubasa – Reservoir Chronicle. They will travel to Japan in 2022 to compete in the World Cosplay Summit Championship.


GarnetHart Costumiers

Garnet Runestar and J.Hart Design

Selected at Anime Expo 2019

2nd Place, Biore Award for Makeup


Jewel Cat Cosplay

Christy and Julie

Selected at Anime Expo 2018


Ronin Cosplay

Gadget and Megsy

Selected at Anime Expo 2017


Life Cry Cosplay

Ali and Diana

Selected at AnimeNext 2016


Something Clever Cosplay

AlpacaAsh and YummyGamorah

Selected at Midwest Media Expo 2015

3rd Place, Brother Award for Craftsmanship

Green Jello Cosplay

Garnet Runestar and Pannon

Selected at Anime Central 2014



Cupcake Cosplay

Starlighthoney and Breathlessaire

Selected at Anime Matsuri 2013

2nd Place, Brother Award for Craftsmanship


Coconut Bubble Sex Cosplay

Katie Cosplay and Diana

Selected at Katsucon 2012


FoxGloves Cosplay

Ali and Ashe

Selected at AM2 2011



Sparkle Motion Cosplay

Rynn and Sumikins

Selected at Fanime 2010


Dia and Ambiencechaser

Dia and Ambiencechaser

Selected at New York Anime Festival 2008

Brother Award for Craftsmanship

Umister and S0nified

Umister and S0nified

Selected at New York Anime Festival 2007


HoneyBunny, Lisa, Lynnleigh and TokyoKitty

HoneyBunny, Lisa, Lynnleigh and TokyoKitty

Selected at Anime Expo 2005


Aimee and Noh Bunny

Aimee and Noh Bunny

Selected at Anime Expo 2004