2020 WCS Championship Cancellation

2020 WCS Championship Cancellation

The World Cosplay Summit Inc. has announced it’s official cancellation of the the WCS Championship in Nagoya, Japan and it’s intent to resume in 2021.

The official statement reads:

“We would first like to offer our most sincere sympathies to those which have contracted the novel coronavirus disease (covid19), wishing that they recover as soon as possible.

Our hope is that this situation will be resolved by summer and it willbe possible to continue the celebration of scheduled events, as we are currently continuing work for the preparations of the “World Cosplay Summit 2020”.

The event, which is scheduled for celebration on 1 August (Sat) and 2 August (Sun), will take place at multiple venues including “Oasis 21” in the Sakae ward of Nagoya city.

A final decision on the celebration of the event will be taken upon a careful consideration of the present situation regarding the covid19 pandemic, and the details will be announced in the “Cosplay Summit Online Presentation” taking place on 29 May (Fri).

Also, in light of the recent circumstances concerning the pandemic, it has been decided to cancel the 2020 edition of the “World Cosplay Championship”, in which representatives from different countries and regions complete for the title of best cosplayers in the world.

We request your kind understanding, as it is our desire to celebrate an extraordinary event in 2021 with the full participation of each of the representative cosplayers from around the world. ”

While we are saddened by this announcement, we believe it will be best for the safety of all cosplay representatives and organizers.

To that effect, WCS Team USA 2020 will be rolled forward to compete in 2021. Please be aware that there are still events for the WCS 2020 in Japan that will remain scheduled however none of them will be the Championship or Representative events. Teams who are planning on competing at Anime Expo 2021 will be competing to become WCS Team USA 2022. 

We hope that all our followers will continue to support WCS Team USA 2020/2021, all the currently selected representatives, and the events and initiatives created by WCS Japan.

Please direct questions to wcsusa@anime-expo.org or to our official facebook.

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