2023: Karmaluna Cosplay

Karmaluna Cosplay

Karmaluna Cosplay hails all the way from the Great Lakes state of Michigan. Karmaluna consists of Emily (Luna Lady of Light) and Conner (Karmada). Emily has been cosplaying since 2007 and Conner has been cosplaying since 2001. After meeting in 2012, these two became best friends. After winning their first World Cosplay Summit USA preliminary in 2013 the pair has been inseparable. They have now been cosplaying together for ten years! Karmaluna holds over 30 awards for craftsmanship and performance. When they aren’t cosplaying, they are playing video games or working on art. Karmaluna was chosen at the WCS USA Finals at Anime Expo for their portrayal of Katsu Eiraku and Tei-Kuu from the series Thunderbolt Fantasy. Karmaluna will now go forward as our Team USA for the WCS 2023 competition held in Nagoya, Japan.



Thunderbolt Fantasy


Katsu Eiraku and Tei-Kuu


Anime Expo 2022