Stellar Rose

Stellar Rose are the first WCS USA Video Finals Team and represented the United States at the World Cosplay Summit 2021. From Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and Washington, DC., they became WCS Team USA at Anime Expo Lite 2021 with their moving video presentation and elaborate costumes from Revolutionary Girl Utena. In addition to their Championship costumes, they prepared additional costumes from Revolutionary Girl Utena and Panty and Stocking for their video chats with Japan. The 2021 WCS Championships were held as an online edition with videos and craftsmanship documentation provided by each country before the event. WCS Team USA 2021 will travel to Nagoya, Japan to further represent the USA as Alumni in 2022.
  • Barri – Utena Tenjo, Video Editing, Visual Effects, Audio engineering
  • ChibiTifa – Anthy Himemiya, Scriptwriting
  • Molly Doyle – Filming and Photography, Color grading
  • Carrie 1, Carrie 2 – Filming Assistance



Revolutionary Girl Utena


Anthy Himemiya and Utena Tenjo


Anime Expo Lite 2021



Chibi Tifa

Barracuda Cosplay